11 Telltale Signs He wants a long-term relationship with you

Men have a huge capacity to keep us women guessing about everything under the sun, and then they crown us the queens of grand complications. I can tell you the exact number of times I have plucked the petals off the rose that my then boyfriend, and now husband gave me, wondering if he liked me or not. A lot of my time with him before our engagement also went into trying to figure out if we were in for a long haul at least, if not for a happily ever after. After all, I was a grown-up woman and had learned to be practical the hard way. If you are in the same boat as I was a couple of years ago, then my experience may be of help to you. A caveat I am no love doctor, and the suggestions here are based on personal experience. I cannot provide you with any empirical data to prove what I say, but it has been true for all my girlfriends, and I have many. Answer these questions for yourself, and you might get some clarity.

1. Is he comfortable being himself around you?

Can one play pretend for a long time? So if he wants to be with you forever, he will be honest and comfortable in his skin. He will be forthright with his views and opinions. It will be very frustrating at times because more often than not his opinions won’t be same as yours, he loves gray, and you like blue. That is Okay at least he is honest, and that is what will make you two click.

2. Did he agree to disagree respectfully?

In every real relationship, disagreements are bound to happen but does he voice them respectfully? Is he careful not to hurt your feelings? If you have answered yes to the above questions, then potentially you are in it, to win it. In these times of high flying egos and aspirations getting into a serious relationship is like winning a lottery.

3. Does he look after you?

No, not baby you, you are not looking for a daddy, or call you every hour of the day, I was talking about looking after not stalking. When he knew that you had taken a late night flight to your conference, he called to check if you were safely tucked in your hotel bed for the rest of the night. That night, your dreams will be sweeter automatically.

4. Does he pay attention to what you say?

You just came back from that mind-blowing conference basking in the glory of your outstanding presentation that got your company that critical project. Was he listening to the details when you were narrating it to him or was he scanning his messages on the phone? I hope it was you who he chose over the phone. Keep in mind that a look at his phone here and there is permitted. Check: When a Woman’s Age Matters

5. Does he look for an excuse to spend more time with you?

What! Did he squeeze in that Wednesday evening coffee with you in his busy schedule? Girl, you got it!

He has not seen you in two weeks, and this weekend too he has a game, and then next weekend he is going for hiking. You get my point, don’t you?

6. Does he trust you?

Another most crucial aspect of any relationship trust with a capital T. You picked up his phone to put it away and he did not snatch it right away from you and gave you that ugly look. Phones, I pads, and other digital gadgets are windows to one’s personality and lifestyle these days. If he can trust you with that, then he can practically trust you with his life. Okay, that was a bit exaggerated, but you are getting there, so hold on to your curiosity and don’t peep into his phone. Help him foster that trust; it is still a baby.

7. Does he remember what you like?

You were on a date; he gifted you with chocolates and daisies instead of roses. Yay! He remembered you love daisies and not those generic red roses. He pays attention to your likes and dislikes,  that’s great! I am sure you already know that but just wanted to remind you. Must Read: Online Dating Tips for Women – Identifying Your Date And His Characteristics

8. Have you met his brother, mother or dad? Did he take you to a soccer game with friends?

He asked you to watch the soccer finals at his home even though his friends were coming. This Friday he invited you to the family dinner at his mom’s place. It is fantastic! I tell you from experience, though my husband proposed me after about a year of the Thanksgiving dinner with his parents, but I got much closer to him after Thanksgiving.

9. Did he charm your mom with his most endearing behavior?

Yes, you met him accidentally in the mall while shopping with your mom, and he did not become all frigid and curt. Instead, he charmed your mom with his warmth and respect. Can there be a greater telltale sign that he is taking you seriously ? If he cares about your friends and family then you are one more step closer to that elusive long-term or permanent relationship.

10. Does he gives you enough importance?

Did he just cancel an evening with friends at the local bar and preponed his date with you? Your friends came up with an impromptu girls night out idea so you will not be available tomorrow. He even helped you chose your outfit for the evening. If he has done something of the sorts to show that he places you above others, that he values the time with you so much that he is ready to go an extra mile to be in your company then he is surely not looking for a temporary fix in you. Interesting Facts: Why do Men leave and come back

11. Did he tell you that having his own business someday is his dream?

Does he discuss his aspirations, his dreams and his possible future with you? People don’t just express their innermost desires to all and sundry.Men are pretty guarded about them.You have to be someone really important to him that he chose to open up before you. He fought his fear of being ridiculed for his outrageous aspirations because he wants to share his future with you.

 So you see that figuring out whether he is serious about you and wants you in his life or not is not a rocket science. Observe carefully and you will be able to find out if the man in question is ready to be your man or not.

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