20 Tinder Dating Tips for Guys to make things incredibly better

Tinder App is hot these days because of the many benefits it offers. The freedom that this App offers for finding and meeting new people on the move based on their geographical location is the reason why it is gaining popularity these days.

All you guys, who are seriously looking for your Tinder girls, optimize your Tinder profile, put up a decent description of yours and use these tips to materialize your search.

Tinder Dating Tips for Picking up Right Girls

  1. Tinder App is a picture based application, so your profile has to be picture perfect first. Make sure your photos are realistic and only sensible pictures should be uploaded.
  1. Include photos of yours doing some sports activities, fishing, or something related to your achievements like awards in any specific field… but nothing fake at all.
  1. Tinder app supports uploading up to 6 photos. Don’t waste them by uploading all 6 decent photos of your body or face only.

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  1. Let your profile tell a real story about you, your likes and dislikes, your qualification and achievements, what you do currently, your aim and your goal in life.
  1. Only single photos of you and no group photos PLEASE.
  1. Vital Statistics: Share your vital stats because a girl will swipe RIGHT only if each of your vital stats matches with hers. Share more details like your color complexion, your weight, and your expectations about Ms. Right.
  1. Put up few questionnaires for the profile seeker or include FAQs about yourself to help others.
  1. One of the most important thing is to avoid cheesy (punch) lines in your profile that will almost swipe you LEFT.
  1. Be a communication starter or at least respond to her message.
  1. Avoid over communication or under communication with her.
  1. When you connect with someone, don’t be so enthusiastic.
  1. Take a unique approach when connecting with her.
  1. Here’s one of the good Tinder Dating Tips, check Facebook, Instagram, and Google Images’ drag n drop feature to help you finding out the real pictures of the girl in question.
  1. Take advantage of “Tinder Moments” by uploading your photo which will be shared across all the profiles. You can connect with those who ‘like’ your moments.

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  1. At Tinder you can see the logging time of other people. You can connect with her daily and discuss more about each other.
  1. Don’t be in a hurry to fix a date, stretch the conversation for few days up to a couple of weeks, and then see if the craze is still there, this is the right time to meet.
  1. Test your date by luring her for an intimate relationship or try seducing her. Her intentions for finding the potential mate will be clear because if she is serious about everything, she wouldn’t prefer going to bed too early.
  1. If you are too serious about looking for some potential spouse here on Tinder App, you will have to understand that there are many other girls registered on Tinder and many more will register. Stay calm and focused with one connection at a time and don’t fall into the addiction to the app.
  1. At the same time, if you have more than one girl within your radius, and you also know that only one girl out of these will be your potential partner, so chat at separate timings with all these. This way you will have enough time to evaluate them all.
  1. You can also seek the advice from a counselor or a friend whom you think is good at giving wise suggestions.

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