5 Tips on what to do when meeting someone from Tinder in person?

Tinder is a mobile application, which has recently gained a lot of popularity among the youth. This is because it gives people the chance to know other people and have a decent conversation, to know if you click with the other person or not.

Of course, in lay mans language, this is a dating app, and is doing pretty well. It has made people meet their better halves and helped people getting in touch with the right kind of person, who might be suitable for them.

First Tinder dates can be a bit hard to face. This is because in case of online dating, you don’t really know the person, which leads to a lot of strange conversation topics and awkward silences. And these are the kind of things which make you scared of online dating. But trust us, this happens with everyone and to overcome this, you need to prepare a few things while meeting someone from Tinder in person.

  1. Firstly, you need to actually set up the date. It’s not assumed that if you are talking to a girl, you have to go out on a date. You will need to make the first move and ask out the other person. Also for this, do some background research and ask the girl what type of places, cuisines does she prefer and set up a dinner date accordingly. Try not to just do it your own way and keep both the parties opinions into consideration.
  2. Then, what you need to think of are some common topics to talk about which might interest the both of you. You should also add some light humor and some flirtatious lines in between the conversation so that it keeps you both going. A great conversation can be you asking her about her work, family, any particular hobby she’s really interested in so that you might be able to plan some of the things together.
  3. We would recommend you to be on your best behavior when you meet the other person for the first time. Try not using your phone too much as this is a really big turn off for the person sitting in front of you. Also, don’t keep trying to go to the washroom as an excuse to get away from the conversation, as it becomes pretty obvious.
  4. Try not to stretch the date too much. Keep it short and interesting so that you leave something for the next time. Discuss and order together, and ask her if you could get her a drink. Also, at the end of the meal, be a gentleman and pay for the meal, and in case she says she would want to split it then agree with her. It shows a sign of respect for the other person.
  5. Lastly, get her a gift. Even if you may not know what she may like, but get her a gift which is generic in nature. The thought is important and thus you can probably get something like a bouquet or a box of chocolate.

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These are the things that you need to do when you meet someone from Tinder in person. This gives the other person a nice insight about you on your first date, and if you follow these steps correctly, then you would be sure of getting a second date too! Thus, don’t just ruin it by taking it for granted, and even though you may face awkward situations, try to face them in a cool and a composed manner.


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