Best Tinder Bios for Guys to Tune up the Perfect Profile

With a lot of research conducted all over the world. A simple but universal fact has been found about dating, women are always more selective than men. In dating sites like Tinder where swiping right is as easy as sleeping or eating;  men get fewer swipes than women. There are simple facts which are enough to state the reasons but one of them is a lack of good bio. Further researches on the same dating website have fully proved that men have a notion that dating websites like tinder is for hook-ups. Like really? Men should actually grow up and realize that’s not all and it is really stupid to upload just a picture and wait for a miracle to happen.

Men! What is the reason for them to not bother? They think they would get the fish without even touching the water? – NEVER SO.

But there are other reasons to not put up a bio as well. Some men do not know what or how to write a good tinder bio or tagline that makes noise for itself, while others think it is too bothering. But here’s a reality check for them- if someone wants to date then not having a bio simply shows that they are not ready to put in any effort and for the people who do not know how to write a sentence; INTERNET IS THERE! And for the star of all guys- I meant the people who are looking for ideas about what to write to create an eye-catching Tinder bio, here are some tips.

Crafting the best tinder bio for guys that would hook someone for a while, is not easy. Get yourself a good bio even if you want to just pounce on the bed and get laid because a crafted bio does magic. And here are bio ideas for both the good and not-so guys.

First for the good boys who are actually searching for a match and would go for relationships and commitments… here are the DO IT RIGHT tips that would catch your match.

  • Personalization is the key

Since on tinder you just rely on pictures and bio to know a guy or a girl initially, therefore it is a must that the profile should be attractively crafted. To tell a story, a good bio and tempting pictures are a turn on. An advice for all tinder users is that one should not take to lies in order to show perfection or get more right swipes. Try to present your best self on tinder. Do not forget to connect your Instagram profile with tinder, which would surely fetch you more matches.

  • Catch a catchy line

The first line of your bio should be attractive enough to catch an eye. If a frequent tinder user taps on your first picture to see more, then the bio should be well-written to allure them to a great extent. Intruding facts stated in an easy-to-read way will instantly make you a potential match.

  • Creativity does not mean only painting guys

Now, dating is surely not an easy task. While you are opting for online dating; that too on a platform like Tinder, it is a requirement guys, put some effort into making your profile. Cheap thrills and ridiculously plotted stories can be kinky as well.

  • Involvement is the key

Show some involvement towards girls you are swiping right. Until and unless you show some interest on your own, do not expect the girl to check upon you either.

  • Picture-Bio-Action

Always try putting up a bio with a call to action. Make the readers of your profile aware that you are always eager to face challenges and are up for adventures. Wanderlust turns the girls on so you can also try some hands in it so that ladies who have same interests can swipe a right instantly.

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For all the baddies of Tinder who are not so acquainted with the language and mean only bed and not a commitment; here are some tips.

  • Be careful of horrible spellings

Spelling mistakes would not fetch you many right swipes you know. It would make you look like a fuckboy so get a grammar Nazi friend to check your bio, PLEASE!

  • Not a job after all

CV is a big NO-NO! And pointing fingers are even a NO!

Do not put up a CV on your profile, while writing the bio. This is not your job profile, which will fetch CEOs of companies. Do not tell your match that you are on tinder because your friend wanted you to check it out. You just cannot label others as desperate girls who are constantly looking out for boys.

  • Say ‘NO’ to emoticons

Stop using too many emojis while writing your bio. Online dating means talking and not using emoticons. One or two in the entire conversation can be useful to explain your gesture. But if you keep on using them and act that you are textually Dum, the partners are sure to be bored.

  • The bed is the destiny

The worst part that comes out in most guys’ bio is their urge to get physical. It is a tip to them, girls like to move slow and steady and not jump to bed on the first go. So please be courteous enough to say that you want a No-strings-attached-relationship rather than saying come lets break beds only.

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Some examples of good tinder bios for men:

  • I asked Wendy’s what my tinder bio should be and they said “swipe left”
  • Beer pong expert, tinder scientist, booty wizard 
  • 500 characters isn’t really enough to demonstrate my wit and intelligence so just look at my pics for now.
  • Next Up: windsurfing lessons, swipe right to join
  • A beast in the kitchen



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