First Date Gift Ideas for Her, bound to work in your favor

As you all must be knowing, first dates with any person, known or be it unknown can be very tricky. You both are always skeptical about what you should do, what you need to talk about and what not to say. The most important thing is not to look needy no matter what. And thus, to really grab her attention and to want to make her think how important she is, you would have to put in a bit of effort.

You can give her a nice little gift which might be interesting and would show how thoughtful you are. Gifts speaks a lot about you, and it is a really nice gesture. It really doesn’t need to be expensive or anything, but it’s the thought that counts. So we have bought to you some really nice ideas, which you can gift her on her first date.

First Date Gift Ideas For Her that always work


Firstly, girls love flowers. And among flowers, a rose is the one that is loved the most. Our suggestion is that a single stem rose works very well. Try to use it if you go on a formal date, or else you might just come on a bit too strong. You can also go for a small bouquet of flowers, with pretty orchids in it. A better thing would be to find out the type of flowers that she like sand gift here those. Or you could make some paper flowers, as they would tend to last long, and give you a chance to be creative. If she is not into flowers, then you can just get her pretty colorful potted plants. Girls tend to fall for such things.


Obviously, the next option in line is the safest, and although clichéd, they are well tested. This is of course chocolates, or anything made out of chocolate. You can get her customized cupcakes, muffins, cookies, or just plain chocolates and it would make her really happy. This also shows for a gentleman kind of gesture.

Stuff Toys

In case you have seen some of her photos with a teddy bear, be rest assured that she is fond of stuff toys. A lot of girls tend to be fond of it. Thus, you can easily gift her a stuffed teddy bear. But in case you haven’t ever seen her with it, don’t assume that she would like it as not all the girls do.

 Unconventional Gifts

Then what you can do is go for something which is a bit unconventional. If she’s fond of shopping, you can gift her a pretty looking stole, scarf or belt. You can even try to understand her choice of clothing and try gifting her either a pretty dress, or probably a nice pair of heels that she would really like.


Jewelry is a great gifting option. There is so much variety in jewelry that you could gift her anything starting from an earring, nose ring, pendant, bracelet, or even a ring. Trinkets is a universal gift and it would always work, so if you cannot think of anything, then get her any of the above.

Of course, we would totally recommend you to not gift her anything which might be too expensive or anything, it might just scare her away. This is because if you do give her something pretty out of your budget, you might come as a show off or someone who is really needy and desperate.

The Hobby Gift

Hobby is the best way to know what to give a girl. If she has a certain passion, or a hobby that she keeps talking about, then you could easily give her any gift which might be related to that. For example if she is into painting, then you could give her a box of water colors, or probably charcoal pencils, or different kinds of ink. This is a great way to bond as it shows that you are actually interested in her conversations, and would love to help her out with her dreams.

In case she’s a dancer, you can gift her ballet shoes, or a great outfit. If she loves travelling, you could get her a travel book, with places to visit and snippets of places around the world. And in case she is into music, then there is plenty of stuff like a mix tape of her favorite songs that she would really like.


Then comes the best option of gifting her books, if she loves to read. There are so many categories of books from fiction to nonfiction to biographies. And you can never go wrong with a nice book. For a girl who is a book lover, there can never be more of books, and she will love your gift.

 The DIY Gifts

And lastly, nothing touches a women’s heart more than something which is hand-made by you. You can make her a collage, or perhaps a photo frame with all her cute photos in it. This shows that the guy is ready to invest some time in her rather than just spend heap loads of money. So, all the guys out there, start out with your art and craft right away as that’s the perfect way to woo a girl.


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