First Date Signs He Likes You and will be yours

You must have gone on quite a few dates, and even though some turn out like you want, the others fail to click. You might think that the date went well, but he doesn’t call you back, and you end up waiting for days on end thinking what went wrong.  So you need to decode the signs, and find out if he actually likes you or not, or is he just bluffing.

So there are some specific things that you need to keep in mind. How to know from the first date signs he likes you and how to proceed from there are a must know. It may seem a bit hard but we have got you a few tips to make you understand this really quickly.

Signs he likes you on first date:-

  1. You just need to pay really close attention to his body language, and noticing that will give you an idea of what he might be thinking. If he’s really comfortable, then he’ll genuinely be having a good time and you will get to know. In case he is pretending, his body language would be really uncomfortable around you.
  2. If there are silent gaps between conversations, then he might be feeling a bit out of place, and on the other hand, if the conversation flows and there is no look of terror on inconvenience on his face, then you might be going in the right direction.
  3. If your date maintains eye contact then that is supposed to be a first date sign he likes you. Apart from that if his pupils are getting bigger, thus it’s a sign that he is attracted to you. Thus, it’s important that you notice both these things carefully.
  4. If he liked you on your first date, then he will not ask you to split the check with him. Rather, in order to impress you, he would be more than willing to pay for the dinner. Also, check to see how impatient he’s getting after the meal is finished. If he insists on ordering some dessert, then this means that he wants to spend some extra time with you, and this is a subtle way of letting you know so that you pick up the hint.
  5. After an hour of conversation with the person, if he still reacts in a friendly and a receptive way, then consider it to be a good sign. If he keeps interrupting you, then he is probably bored by your conversation and maybe wants to change the topic of discussion.
  6. If he would be asking really intellectual, insightful questions in the conversation, it says a lot about how much is he into it and into you. Because these are some things which you cannot actually fake and it ends to show.
  7. Lastly, if he is constantly looking into his phone and texting other people, while paying really less attention to you, then you might want to just drop it off at this very point, because clearly he is not that much into you. If he likes you then he would make an effort to listen and respond to all what you say.

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So look out for these first date signs, and you will actually get to know if he really likes you or is he just playing the field around, probably just to get some physical action out of it. Just try not to look needy or overeager, and if it might be getting too stressful, just use some humor to sizzle out the tension.


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