Happn vs. Tinder: Which dating app is right for you ?

Which is the better Dating App has been the latest buzz on the internet. With various Dating Apps being introduced by the minute, the single people looking out for a perfect match are now looking skeptically at them doubting the credibility of these apps as some people are on it just for hook-ups and married people wanting to have fun.

However, all is not true and there are some really good online Dating Apps which we have tried to list out for you. The two of the most popular Apps are Tinder and Happn.

While Tinder has been on the news for a while now for being one of the best dating apps, Happn isn’t too far behind after being launched just  in 2014. Here is our verdict on Tinder vs Happn which is a better app after trying it out for ourselves.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Tinder is popularly known for finding your perfect match based on the proximity of your location. However, the proximity that Tinder defines is wide between 2km to 161kms. So, let’s face it, the very reason you would even go on a Dating App is to find someone who you could meet soon rather than start a long distant relationship that isn’t going to lead anywhere.

Happn on the other hand redefines the location theory. The Happn App connects to your GPS location, so wherever you go, people who are in close proximity of within 250 m registered with Happn, show up.  Fortunately in this case you might not get stuck in dating someone from another city or state, rather it would just narrow down your search with somebody in your office building.

  1. Swipe Left, Swipe Right or Just Cross

So every time a single girl might see a guy in a club, she starts making mental notes to herself whether to swipe right or left, you know that Tinder has officially become a joke.

The swipe right to like and swipe left to reject option in Tinder limits the option to actually give the user a second chance to like the rejected person again. Because once you swipe left you know you have no second chance as the person would never appear on your feed again which puts you under tremendous pressure to choose the love of your life.

Happn on the other hand gives you an entire buffet and if you are certain you do not like a profile you can just cross it on your feed. It is as simple as that.

  1. Likes are not a limitation

If you happen to like a profile on Tinder, you won’t be able to see the profile again unless the person has liked you back.

But in Happn you can like any number of people whose profile you fancy and can revisit their profile again and again. And if they happen to like you back then its a crush. The good part about Happn is all the people who show up on your feed are actually people you might have crossed paths with in real life.

  1. Similar Interests

Happn allows you to meet people based on the places you have visited yourself, perhaps the newest bar in town, the down town café, or even the groceries or shopping malls. Clearly, that signifies your common interests of places you both like to hang out.

Whereas in Tinder apart from the area you live in nothing signifies the common interest you might have with your prospective partner.

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  1. Cheap Thrills

You may find many People on Tinder looking for casual flings, hook-ups and one night stands and might get mighty disappointed if you get fooled into actually meeting one of them.

However, Happn as mentioned only connects you to people you might have crossed paths with in real life so that ascertains the surety that there are people less likely who would turn out to be creeps and are genuine people looking out for a good match.

Lastly, after all said and done, you got to try it yourself to know the difference.

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