How Does Coffee meets Bagel work?

Coffee Meets Bagel an app with a difference

Coffee Meets Bagel is touted as a dating app with a difference. Not as popular as many others like Tinder etc. Coffee Meets Bagel has a defined user base with a majority of users from the USA, Cannada, and Britain. It also boasts of a young and qualified crowd with at least one-third of its users holding a master degree backed by Ivy leagues or other reputed colleges. It looks like it works the fundamental of quality rather than quantity. It is a quaint yet efficient and effective dating app. It has a user-friendly interface with a casual and friendly atmosphere

When most mobile based dating apps are known for their male crowd looking for casual hookup, Coffee Meets Bagel surprisingly is a female-driven app with a bent towards casual friendship and long-term relationships.  Coffee Meets Bagel continues to remain selective even in its approach towards finding matches. It limits the matches or bagel in number for men thus making them more attentive. Women get matches who meet their criteria and have already “liked” them. It looks like CMB works on the principle that men like selection and women are selective. This brings us to the question how does Coffee Meets Bagel work? What makes it different?

Coffee Meets Bagel works on the grounds of familiarity

The matching system of Coffee Meets Bagel is based on the age-old principle of familiarity. Most of the matches are from around the user as Coffee Meets Bagel skims the Facebook profiles of the users. It does not usually match the users with absolute strangers. It mostly presents friend of friends as possible matches along with considering individual preferences, ethnicity, age , and location. It is here that the app enters choppy waters. Users have complained that Coffee Meets Bagel tends to be too picky and restricted. Even when the users explicitly say that they have no preference for a specific ethnicity they happen to come across matches mostly from the similar ethnic background. The problem is that Coffee Meets Bagel takes the responsibility of matching users on itself instead of letting the user pick from a million profiles. Some even say that the app aligns with the idea of race and ethnicity. To respond to such criticisms, the Founder of the app responded to BuzzFeed news by saying that people prefer to stay within their ethnicity even when they say they have no preferences. Despite this criticism, Coffee Meets Bagel has seen considerable success in matching users successfully. It is supposed to be on par with some of the best dating sites in the virtual world especially for keeping online dating casual and friendly yet not making it a place to find merely temporary hookups.

It pushes people to act

CMB seems to be creating a conducive environment for sincere dating. It gives you a limited number of matches every day depending on the gender you indicated in your profile. Men get about 21 possible matches to choose from by noon. Users also also get some probable matches or ‘maybe’ matches every day too, but in any case, you won’t be scrutinizing more than thirty new faces in a day.  Women get to choose from the users who have already liked them. This gives the women an upper hand. CMB gives the users an opportunity to communicate with their match via a time-limited chat option. Thus it gives the users an impetus to take action quickly. They must at least exchange numbers before the newly opened chat portal or window closes.

It helps its users in achieving optimum results

CMB also gives users valuable feedback and tips to improve their dating capabilities. Coffee Meets Bagel has consistently updated the app with new features since it’s very inception to keep it’s functioning streamlined and relevant. It has rolled out many useful features such as Photo Lab, which guides the users to select the most suitable profile picture for a high success rate. Features like a Woo, which is a digital way to tell someone that you were impressed. It is a feature similar to Tinder Super Like. Thus CMB has tried to keep up its pace along with aiding the users in using the app for optimum results.

It has made dating easier for women

Strangely, Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the few distinguished dating platforms with a majority of female members with a ratio of 60:40. CMB appears to take its position as a preferred platform for women a little too seriously. The company has recently undergone a significant overhaul to make it more women-centric to reward its majority users. It came up with a new way to make dating easier for women and called it Ladies choice. It cuts down the guessing time by presenting to women, men who have expressed interest in them. Women get to choose who to talk to among selected men who already showed interest in them and have liked their profile. Women find it relaxing to know that they are interacting with someone who is already interested in them. They see the wait and the guessing work stressful and anxiety-inducing. Thus Coffee Meets Bagel has made finding a date a bit less tedious for women. It is also a way to tackle ghosting.

Premium Service

Coffee Meets Bagel also has a premium service at a price of $34.99 per month. It said that this would prevent ghosting a slang term that defines people who suddenly end all communication without any specific reason. The app achieves this goal by providing the users with an activity report of their matches every seventy-two hours. It tells the users how active their match has been thus establishing a realistic expectation. It also gives a read it notices if the match has read the user’s message, thus letting the user know that if the match is not responding even after reading the message then most like he/she is not interested. Paid members also get 6,000 beans to use on other paid features like A/B profile testing, read receipts for messages sent, etc. The paid membership is definitely on the higher side. Many users have not found it worth that price.


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