How does Happn work?

Where everything is digital in today’s world, online dating isn’t too far behind.  A lot of relationships have flourished by finding their matches over dating sites.

Though lately, dating sites have indeed become over rated and people have started to eye it with caution as some people create fake profiles and even start stalking. Yes, the last thing you want is to be stalked while you’re just out there looking for love.

However, not all is bad and for people who still believe in finding their match, Happn might give you a second chance at talking to someone you may have noticed before but were too shy to approach

Happn is the dating app that has taken Europe, Mostly Paris and London by storm and is now trending in New York too.

After Tinder and OkCupid being the big winners in the dating App scenario. Happn seems to be getting popular by the minute.

What is Happn ?

Happn like Tinder is a new age dating app that connects to people who you cross paths with. Unlike Tinder, which matches profiles based on the area you live in, Happn concentrates on more close proximity which is within a radius of 250m.

How does Happn work?

All you need to do is sign up with Happn, fill in the required details. The Happn algorithm connects to your GPS location, so wherever you go, people who are in close proximity registered with Happn, show up. It doesn’t show you any other profiles of persons who are not in close proximity. This makes it easier for the user to identify the people they have crossed paths with. You can also secretly like someone. But you are basically bookmarking them. The person will only come to know that you have liked them if they too secretly like you. And if you want to contact them you need to send them a charm–and charms cost money. You can buy 10 charms for £1.49 or up to 300 charms for £23.49.

The good part about Happn is that it doesn’t show that you have signed up with the app and any of your activities on face book maintaining your privacy.  While the app also has a feature to see the first 30 pictures of the profile you have found interesting to have an idea if the person you have liked has common interest on food, travel, fashion, reading etc by seeing their pictures.

The program is bringing users from the traditional way of utilizing dating sites which turns meeting folks right into an online match. It is more concerned with bringing people back to the “old-fashioned” way of meeting others by mixing a technology platform with real-life settings.

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If only Happn could have launched a few years ago, when John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale met in New York in the movie Serendipity and never found each other again until waiting it out for another few years. Happn would have connected them right away. The catch here is you have a chance to not let your love pass by.

Of course, Happn has a few flaws with some users recommending that the close proximity radius of 250m is still wide and can be narrowed down more maybe to a radius of 50m to make connectivity more accessible to people who you cross paths with.

Happn co-founder and CEO Didier Rappaport and his team are trying to work on some of the glitches and are improving the Apps features and are doing their bit in improving the quality of dating.



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