How does OkCupid work?

For all those who are not aware of what OkCupid is, this article would be pretty useful to them. OkCupid started in 2004, and it has revolutionized the entire dating landscape. Through this, there are many more opportunities to connect with more people than ever before. In our opinion, this is the best one till now.

How to go about it:

  1. Firstly, you answer a series of match questions, which help in indicating the type of personality that you have. It is also based on the degree of importance of these questions to you. After you do this, OkCupoid will give you a percentage compatibility, based on your answers in comparison to the other users. Interesting isn’t it? This helps people match with the kind of people who would suit them the most rather than randomly matching with some stranger just on the basis of their looks.
  2. After you do this, you can easily browse your matches on OkCupid, and accordingly connect with the users based on your compatibility. Like a person, and if the same person likes you back then you instantly make a connection, because of which a chat window opens and you can easily communicate with the other person.
  3. OkCupid offers you 7 questions to be answered in the beginning, when you log in or sign up, but the thing is that it is not only restricted to these 7 questions. You can choose hundreds of more questions which will be provided to you from the data bank. It is said that the more questions you answer about yourself, the more the application is able to pick out compatible people for you.

How is the look and usability of the app?

The design of the application is said to be pretty creative. The match filter algorithm work pretty well and are said to be on target most of the time, according to peoples choices. Also, it has an incognito mode in the app which allows the users their own privacy, and they need not be answerable to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Read: How does Happn work?

Any feature which is different from other such apps?

This app is not only to find romantic partners, but also you can make great friends too using this. It gets you closer to people who have the same interests in things. You can easily gel with people from other cities too so that when you visit these cities, you already have a known person there.

A great thing here is that if you have not liked the other person back, then their messages will not appear on the screen. You can still see them, and if you accept it, only then the messages will turn into conversations. Thus, your privacy remains safe all around. Must Read: OkCupid Hacks -Here are the best 10

Also, if you don’t like a person, you can block them too and they would not get to know that they have been blocked by you. But as of now, we have seen that there has been a gradual decline in the inappropriateness of the conversations.

Any suggestion?

Yes, OKCupid tends to give you suggestions for people who they think that you might like, but most of the time it doesn’t actually work that way. So it is much better to keep answering questions about yourself and finding matches through that.

Thus, all in all it is a great app and helps you engage with like-minded people, whether it may be just for a fling, casual friendship or a serious relationship. So if you are one of those who love to socialize, then this might just be the place for you.


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