How does Tinder work and does it really work?

How Does Tinder Work?

Are you are not getting matches at all at Tinder, or if you do, they are not what you had expected. You are feeling disheartened and wondering how your friend got so many hits from Tinder. Tinder works quite like Google. It has a secret algorithm and a complex one at that which grades your profile. You might hate scores but to get the matches of your choice, you have to make it to the required grade or stay stuck. Tinder matches your profile with profiles having similar numbers.  It does not go lower than your frequency, but it does not match you with anyone having a significantly higher score either. In the rulebook of Tinder, this score is called ELO Score. The rules of playing at Tinder are complex and need some calculation on your part, though Tinder is quick to calculate your ELO score or your desirability factor. How to get this elusive ELO score right you might wonder, well the answer is in your profile and to understand ELO score.

This ELO score determines your desirability.  Tinder works on the fundamental principle of likeability than attractiveness.

All this outlandish language must make you think precisely how does Tinder algorithm work? Moreover, surely you would want to know how to make that algorithm work for you?

The Elo Score is deduced by taking into consideration a myriad of factors; Of course, your profile picture is one of the elements. There are more.


Those who visit Tinder once every two days get a low score on Tinder algorithm. So visit your profile once in a day at least.

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Bio & Pickiness

Those who have left the bio blank might be looked upon as bots by Tinder and hence will score low. So fill in bio intelligently. A new account gets a high ELA score as a reward for joining Tinder. It is the reason why you get more matches the first two days after joining, and then the stream dries out midway for most while for few intelligent ones it continues to get better by the day. Those who swipe right in every match they receive a low score, so don’t become too swipe happy. On the other hand, those who hardly swipe right get a low score too. Becoming swipe conscious doesn’t help either so the best way is to be picky but not too picky. Anywhere between 30 to 70 percent response is considered ideal.

Tinder also takes into account of the swipes you get. Their ELo affects your score. If you get swiped by a person carrying a higher rating than your Elo then you will be ranked high. While one can work on their profile later on also but it always pays to have an initial jumpstart at Tinder. Work at profile pictures and your bio with a little more care than usual and make the most out of the initial algorithm boost.

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Reply to messages

If you don’t reply to messages, then it is highly likely that you will be ranked low so reply to your messages. Now that you have understood, how Tinder algorithm works make your profile more appealing and let that algorithm do the magic for you. It will take time, but you will have results. Your desirability score is not fixed it can change, but it is always better to start at a high not.

What if you are short on time or too eager?

Now if you are are looking to get instant results, then you might be better off investing in Tinder plus or Tinder gold. Both require your credit card and Tinder gold is about 4.99 dollars more than Tinder plus. Both have nearly same features except that with Tinder Gold you can see who likes you. How does Tinder plus or Tinder Gold work? Which one works better? Is Tinder Plus worth it? Does Boost give you any real benefit? It Boost worth it? How does Tinder algorithm work for Tinder plus and Tinder Gold? So many questions arise with these paid features. They are not cheap features so one can’t mistake you for attempting to make an educated decision. A comparative study of all these services will reveal more.

Comparative look in to Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus

Unlimited likes or swipes- Both give you unlimited likes or swipes. How far this can prove to be good or bad is on how you use it. You go right on every match that appears before you, and you are bound to lower your score. So the game rule remains the same. Your options may change though if you use this with discretion.

Rewind- You swiped on someone who is not as appropriate for you as you would have wanted or you think that it might affect your ELO then you can use this option. Take back the accidental swipes and try to balance out your score. Again it is you can make that change. If you act intelligently, you might improve your score using this feature of both Tinder plus and Tinder gold both.

Super Like- Free Tinder subscribers get only one super like per day while both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold both get 5 Super like per day. This again is a feature to show that people are a swipe or like happy. They tend to like without giving much thought. Super like with its sparsity makes them think before spending it. So when You swipe someone up instead of right, you tell them that you are interested in them. That person does not come to know about your super like instantly, but when your card happens in front of the person you have super liked, then there is a blue bar and a star on your card which makes it stand out. This feature increases your visibility, and with more super likes in your kitty, you have five chances to show yourself. Once again if your profile is not up to the mark, your pictures are gloomy it won’t yield many results. If you have worked on your profile and it is well presented then your chances of finding a match of your liking are increased because of super likes.

Passport to swipe around the world- Both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold have a passport swipe around the world feature. It allows you to swipe the profiles of people miles away from you. This feature helps you arrange your date in advance of your plan to travel to that place. If you are not a traveler, this feature is not of much use.

See who likes you- This is an extra feature of Tinder gold not available in Tinder plus This feature can push your scores up. It brings you straight to your match without having to go through the numerous cards stacked before you. This feature cuts short the chase and brings you a level up to messaging and responding. Now is the time to sit back for a few seconds, wear your thinking hats and enter into an entertaining and intriguing conversation with your match. This again will boost your Elo score. You might also be able to land your-self a date. That is the entire purpose of this exercise after all.

One boost each month– You get one free boost each month with Tinder plus and Tinder Gold. You can also buy boosts separately. You might have to pay anywhere between 1.99 dollars to approximately 6 dollars for one Boost. Buying boosts in bundles always cost much less, and you can use them at your convenience. They are timeless as in they don’t expire unless used. Now coming to what a Boost does for you? It pushes your profile to the top of the swiping queue of your potential matches. One boost lasts half an hour. Now, this again can go both ways for you. If your profile is not attractive and desirable, you might get more rejections crashing your ELO score further. If you have good pictures and an intriguing bio in place, this boost can give your ELO score a major boost. Neilson had conducted a study on the usage of Tinder. According to them, Tinder is busiest on Sundays9-10 PM. That is the best time to put your Boost to use. Boost though can break your ELo scores faster than you can think. So with Boost also be careful while swiping. Half an hour is a short time, and with unlimited swiping, you might get too busy in swiping and chose some profiles that you otherwise would have not. Always keep in mind that your likes will make or break your ELo. Not only the number of swipes matter, the quality of swipes matters too. Check if the account is real or fake before swiping it.

Some quick tips to figure out if an account is fake.

  • Pictures are more model like and no selfie shots.
  • No bio
  • No age or location specified
  • Responds in a canned way to your message or gives irrelevant answers.

These things are a glaring sign that the profile you are considering is a bot.

Men doubt if all these paid features work at all. In fact, they are not sure if Tinder works at all or if Tinder works for guys at all? With all the hue and cry about desirability score and bots and fake accounts and scams, yes that too, associated with Tinder the question is relatable and valid. The answer to all these questions is

The Tinder algorithm functions in the same way whether you are using Tinder plus Or Tinder Gold or Tinder boost. What happens is that the above-paid option increases your chances of being viewed and swiped. Your results still depend on you and your profile, your pictures, and your bio.

does tinder work

Does Tinder work?

Tinder is the ‘IT’ dating app at present. It looks like everyone is on Tinder, so much so that it has changed the dating vocabulary to a great extent. There was a time when hot or cold became measuring standards for appearance than for temperatures. Today ‘right’ or ‘left’ might not mean direction. Some people wonder if all this noise is much ado about nothing? There are loads of Tinder success stories floating on the internet, people finding their boyfriends with whom they are now living in, men finding their quota of casual flings. There have been quite a few matches that took to the altar also. All this conveys success is possible on Tinder. Does this mean that Tinder is the new era Cupid? All the effort that one had to put in to win the attention of the girl next door is not required anymore? Has Tinder made it as easy as just a swipe of your index finger? You wish! No by no means is Tinder all rose and chocolates not even close. You mostly don’t even get a chance to get that close. Even today getting your colleague to go with you for a coffee will be easier than getting that girl on tinder to swipe right on your card. This hard reality has made many, doubt if Tinder works at all? It does the statistics, and the robustness with which Tinder has stayed over the years tells that it works.

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Does Tinder work for Guys?

It is established that Tinder does work. The success stories prove it, but there is another side to this coin as well. Many people come across more bots matching up than real people, girls putting up dramatic pictures and setting unrealistic expectations, some even say that Tinder is partial towards girls. To a large extent, it is true. At an average Tinder matches a girl to a large number of guys but the reverse is not true. It is so also because the population of girls on the app is lesser than boys. A girl does have the upper hand at Tinder. Guys rightly doubt their chance on Tinder? It works for girls’ right, but does Tinder work for guys? The answer is yes it does without a doubt.

Tinder does work and works for guys too, but there is a catch. You will have to work to make Tinder work for you. If you expect that dating, relationships or even casual hookups can be as simple as the flick of your index finger, you are hoping for an app to do magic. To help Tinder function for you, you have to give it sufficient fuel.  You have to make the most of the opportunity that Tinder offers you. You come into the visibility of numerous girls which otherwise would have been impossible, but a girl has a lot of guys on her deck to take her pick. You have to think quick and think better than all the rest. The crux is that you have to stand apart from the rest of the boys. How can you do this? By setting up a killer profile

Quick tips on how to set your profile

  • Use great pictures bright and cheerful but not misleading photographs. Stay current with your images.
  • Use all the characters available in your bio. Keep it simple yet entertaining catchy.
  • Be quick but not cheesy or corny in your response to her message.

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Some other do’s and don’ts

Observe her profile and pick on unusual things.

Jen had a picture with a tiger as a profile picture. While almost all men came up with creepy and canned comments, her current boyfriend Mack came up with an opening remark referring to the movie Life of Pie. It set him apart, and now they are together going great after more than a year. (Names changed for privacy reasons. Here are some real stories).

Be honest and let the girl know what you want from the match. Go through her profile carefully to check if she is into hookups and casual sex or not. Normally girls indicate what they are looking for in their profile. An NSO in their profile means no one night stands. Excuse yourself from the match if you see an NSO or some phrase to that effect in her profile and casual sex is all that you want. Honesty is the best policy.

Time yourself-Waiting for too long before you meet the girl or jumping at it too quickly both can go wrong. Try to figure out from your conversation how eager is the girl to meet you and act accordingly. If you are observant enough, you will cut through her deck no matter how high it is.

Happy Tindering !


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