How Long Does A Rebound Relationship Last

Breakups hurt there is no other way to put it. An anxious mind wants to pounce at any bit of peace offered without weighing in the proper consequences of consuming that bit. A rebound relationship is one of those bits which will more often than not prove detrimental to one’s emotional health.

There is already a lot of noise around such relationship then one wonders why do people knowingly get involved in such relationships?

 Breakups disrupt a person’s personality, he/she starts questioning their self-worth. One can say that during this phase a person is at his/her vulnerable best.  Anything that can help them feel better about themselves they tend to hold onto it, even if it is another man or woman. Such holding on can be termed as a rebound relationship. The person going through the painful phase of dissolution of a relationship finds strength in another connection. He or she tries to move on, piggybacking on another companion, this dependency itself is scary. Broken hearts use rebounds frequently to move on or to get back either with or, at their ex.

One more important question to evaluate in this context is how long does a rebound relationship last on an average?

The answer will always be it depends. For some, it can be a long-term interaction, while for others it can only continue for a few days or even lesser.  Read: How to keep her interested while texting

People even wonder how long do rebound relationships last for men, given that both deal with breakups very differently.  While women huddle up with their friends and family seeking support, men don’t do so pro-actively. They tend to isolate themselves on some occasions while on others they overindulge in work, alcohol, parties, casual sex, sports, gaming or whatever that can keep them occupied and away from the thoughts of their ex. They look for a momentary feeling of upliftment and escape from the ache that resides deeper in their emotional anatomy. Not that women don’t do so, but they are more vocal about their emotions than men.

No matter the gender of the person, rebound relationship can be a hit or a miss. What it will be will depend on what basis was the intimacy established. For some, it can prove to be a confidence booster. It can be the source of much-needed camaraderie and thereby help one move on, but for most, it will be a miss for many obvious reasons.

The partnership functions as an escape route to all the angst, anger, misery, and hurt. The basis of such connection is an emotional weakness and unhappiness instead of mutual attraction and excitement. One or both the persons involved are carrying emotional baggage that they have still to deal with, it is like leaving a wound untended. Must Read: Why do Men leave and come back

A breakup causes dwindling sense of self-worth and esteem. It is a perfect state to become dependent on your partner. You are more susceptible to manipulations and exploitation. You may even travel to the darker side and become the exploiter and manipulator. The agony associated with rejection and abandonment may lead to trust issues. All these things become the thriving ground for an unhealthy relationship bound to fail. To be honest, the sooner it fails, the better you, as well as your partner, will be. Many studies give rebound relationships up to six months on an average and even lesser for men.

The wise way out here is to deal with the breakup head-on and not look for a workaround or an escape. When you have put in time and effort in a relationship achieving a clean cut is impossible. So it is best to take time and allow oneself to heal, let the ragged ends wear off. Instead of looking for another partner seek help from your friends and family. The warmth and comfort that one can get in these preexisting relationships might come as a pleasant surprise.

A partner might be the last thing that you need now. Breathe and allow all that emotional haze to settle, Use this time to introspect and deliberate on that crucial part of the puzzle that became the cause of the breakup. Learn, evolve and enhance yourself as a person. Sounds easier said than done, well it is. It is not easy to let go of the person one loved, and it is harder to accept that the person is gone for good. Instead of opening yourself to a gamut of new issues it is better to deal the one at hand and successfully close the loop. Time is the most celebrated healer only if you let it do its work. Do read: Gaining power through better body language

Use this alone time as me time. You have changed a lot to keep up with the needs and demands of the past relationship. No matter how stubborn a person you were your partner has left his/ her stamp on you. Erasing that stamp will take time, even though marks will remain. Focus on yourself, your health and fitness, your appearance and your aspirations. Strive to achieve all those things that you had left somewhere in between. Those plans of world travel that always acceded way for some other joint venture with your previous partner are now calling you. Take a break to see the world and enjoy the distance and wilderness. It might acquaint you with yourself.  Maybe you always dreamt of learning dancing, join some classes now and dance as if no one sees you. Realize all of yourself that was apart from that broken relationship. You are not just a relationship, so figure out all that you are and regain that confidence that has taken a hit. Once you are healed and no more dragging that overload from the previous relationship then and you may look for a new love. Having said that life does manifest itself in the most unceremonious ways you never know what treasures await you just around the corner. Take care of yourself for in the end; it is you who matters.


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