How to get more matches on Bumble

Bumble is a really popular and happening dating app, which has already made about 2 billion matches through the app. What happens is people try really hard to get the right kind of matches, but what they don’t know is that you do need to put some marginal effort to increase the number of right swipes. We would thus tell you some basic hacks about how to get more matches on Bumble, be it for a professional or a personal relationship.

Technically, even though it started off as a people meeting service of specifically all kinds, the bulk of its users, use it more for dating purposes and thus Bumble has carved a niche for themselves as a no nonsense dating application, and there is no question of no matches on Bumble, since there are plenty of good options here.

How to get more matches on Bumble

If you follow the bumble hacks, then you would be able to get a pretty good bundle of matches to choose from:

  1. Firstly, you need to verify your profile. Bumble has a photo verification tool, and if you use that, your potential matches will know that this is your actual and verified profile and not a spam one. Thus, the reliability increases and chances of a right swipe increases too.
  2. After that, you need to concentrate on writing a short and fun bio about yourself. Your bio says a lot about you in one go, so you can try showing your interests, what kind of people you might be looking out for, or just keep it a fun description about you. This is one of the best way to get more matches on Bumble.
  3. Apart from that, if you give out information about your educational history, then it does a whole load of good to enhance your profile. Who knows, a connection might just come up and then you would have a great deal to talk about.
  4. Spotify is a great app to integrate your Bumble account with, and it allows the other person to directly connect with you during the conversation, making it much easier to match.
  5. Bumble has a great feature by the name of super swipe, and this helps your potential matches know that you are generally interested in them. Just go ahead and type the yellow cute little heart at the top right of their profile and they’ll get to know. And as per reports, if you use super swipe, you are twice as likely to get a match!
  6. It is recommended that you use the Bumble app on weekends, preferably Fridays and Saturday evenings, to get the maximum number of matches. And do not swipe on Monday, no matter what. That’s usually because Bumble users are really picky about who they swipe right on a Monday, considering everyone’s bad mood on that day. Sunday is a great too to swipe, since Bumble users are most active on the app that day. Your matches will even respond to your messages faster on a Sunday.
  7. Its difficult to find the right number and quality of photos which need to be uploaded on the Bumble profile page. But Bumble research says that 6 is the ideal number of photos that a user needs to upload as it gathers the maximum number of matches.
  8. Lastly, Bumble users who are the most successful are the ones who start off with great opening lines. It has been said that rather than long conversations, if you open the conversation in about 12 to 5 words, then this makes the maximum impact. And if you are not one of those who can come up with witty lines and opening sentences then a Gif would be perfect for you to send, since you don’t even have to think a lot plus it conveys the entire message too.

So thus you need to keep these great pointers in mind before swiping right on Bumble. The last hint we would like you to know is that the best time of day to send a message to your matches is between 8 and 10 p.m. It might be tempting to use messaging cuties on Bumble as a source of midday procrastination, but I guess you’ll just have to resist that particular urge.

Thus, trust us, no matches on Bumble would be a term that you will hardly find if you follow all our pointers religiously and who knows, your match through Bumble might just become your match for life!

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