How to keep her interested while texting

Keeping a girl interested while texting is definitely one of the hardest things to do, especially when you really like the girl. You have to sweet charm her, compliment her, and do a million other things to impress her enough so that she keeps talking to you. It’s hard, we understand but with a bit of know-hows, you would be able to do this easily. We’ve bought to you some really nice ideas that you need to concentrate on in order to keep the conversation with her flowing, and to have an insight about how to keep her interested while texting.

  1. You need to keep it short

Try not typing messages which are too long, because what happens is that the other person starts losing interest, and typing long messages back becomes a burden. So try to keep it short and sweet, and a maximum up to 2-3 sentences.

  1. One topic at a time

What happens is that in order to talk to her about everything, you start messing up. It is recommended that at one time, just try to have a conversation about one specific topic, and it would keep the other person in it.

  1. Make her smile

Keep the aim of the conversation is that it shouldn’t be boring at all. Keep talking about interesting conversations or events that are taking place. Tell her something funny, or flirt with her a bit and she is sure to smile whenever she talks to you. Read: Happn vs. Tinder: Which dating app is right for you ?

  1. Have an inside joke with her

Be fun, flirtatious and spontaneous with her. Make some great jokes and try to have an inside joke with her as that builds a great bond between two people. Refer to conversations that you might have had earlier so that you have a lot to go on about if you run out of things to talk about.

  1. Make the conversation to be about her

Ask her about what she wants in life, her hobbies, her passion and what she may be scared of. Talk to her about in-depth things, things she may need help over. Slowly she would start opening up to you and you would have so much more to talk about on text if you start making the conversation about her. Must Read: First Date Signs He Likes You and will be yours

  1. Keep Flirting

Texting is one of the great ways to subtlety flirt with her. See how she is reacting to it and if she is responding back then you can sure use some healthy flirting at times, and in between conversations. Texting offers an easy way to bring up sex and flirtation.

  1. Know when to respond

If she doesn’t respond back on time, don’t keep texting or pressuring her. This will make her run away really fast. Give her ample time and space to respond and wait for the same amount of time that she did in between texts. Check: Gaining power through better body language

Apart from these basic things, you can try reverse psychology with her. Suggest your life is awesome and challenge her to compete with it. Twig her curiosity to get her drawn into responding. Make the conversation inspiring, fun and realistic. Prompt her to boast to you, then tease her about what she says. Using something out of the box to kick start a conversation.

If you keep all this in mind, then you’ll be sure of keeping her interested while texting all the time. How to keep a girl interested through texting is thus not that difficult if you take care to incorporate these suggestions and trust us, text is the best way to try to get to a girl you want.


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