9 Essential Tinder Dating Tips for Girls

Tinder has become a favorite proximity based dating app across the globe. Its simple operation and features are attracting people from different age groups to find their partners. The Passport and Undo button added recently  provide an enhanced usability, which is available only in the premium version (Tinder Plus).

More Photos

Meeting people on Tinder is through visuals. You can currently put six photos on Tinder synced with your Facebook account. People check the photos of the opposites before swiping. It will only make sense if you have numerous pictures. For girls, it is the right time to upload single photos with good backgrounds. A few photos in the profile send a positive signal and a better idea of the appearance.

Less Selfies

Although a selfie is attractive, uploading a lot of them will not be helpful. It will be difficult to assess the appearance and personality through a selfie. Therefore, having reduced selfies is useful under such situations. Manipulation is a strict no and let others take a photo. A good picture describes a better perspective of the overall appearance.

Reduced group photos

A profile on Tinder is an individual account. Reducing the number of group pictures is beneficial. It is totally okay to have one or two pictures. The presence of many pictures will make it difficult for the viewer, as no one would like to play the game of guessing.

No body pictures, please

Although many use Tinder as a hookup application, posting body pictures is a strict no. However, if the intention is to find Mr. Right, displaying a body image does not fulfill the task. Including the face picture is essential.

Say something

Try to be creative and start a conversation than just a simple “Hi”. Breaking the ice is important and preparing a few lines indeed helps in getting the attention.

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Don’t be serious

Do not be serious while using the app. You cannot judge a person based on a paragraph and photos. Taking it easy is crucial to interact with many people and find the best or the right person. The practice also enhances the Tinder experience.

No couple pictures

It is obvious not to post a photo that has another person. Although that person is a friend, posting such pictures might make it difficult to search for Mr. Right. It is safer to count them out while looking for a relationship through Tinder.

Avoid misinterpretation

There are many people (guys) on Tinder. However, only a few will like a person as they are. Pretending that one is not will lead to deception, which puts off a person. Limiting to a few truths is a good way to start a relationship.

Staying remotely attractive

Even if you ignore the above points, there is a chance to receive recognition and attraction through a lovely face and body. Most men look at the appearance before swiping a profile. It is this point that you have to differentiate between jerks, creeps, and losers.


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