9 Tinder Profile Tips to Get Right Swipes

Your Tinder profile is the first thing a possible match sees before swiping right or left. Tinder App has opened up the doorways for people who are looking for a perfect match. While Tinder App is not a match maker; it is just a platform where two people who check each other’s profiles feel like connecting with each other. It is then up to these 2 people how well they go along with each other. In order to have your profile noticed online, people do a lot to optimize them so that it can stand apart from the crowd. Here are few tinder profile tips to help you further.

Have your Outdoorsy Photos

It is always a good idea to include photos where you can be found doing some outdoor activity you had been interested in. For instance, if you love swimming, you can add some decent photos of yourself while doing swimming or photos of your achievements during competition, if any.

Say No to Selfies Please

Selfies are a BIG NO-NO. It’s okay to have one. But more than one is not recommended. Your selfies will have an artificial pose of yours or maybe having you in group. It is always good to have one formal photo of your face and then upload some nice decent photos of you alone.

Include “About Me”

It is must for you to tell a story about yourself so that people can know you better. Share your thoughts of kind of ideal date you are looking for to let people know how serious you are. Another step is to share about your future plans in brief, about your availability on Tinder App, etc.

Show your Intent

This is one of the important tinder profile tips.When creating your profile, it is always a good idea to show that you are looking for a date and you are not here just because you were free today and needed a good time pass.

What do you do?

Are you a student, a professional or a self-employed business man/woman? Let the other person know who you are in reality and what do you do. This will let other person know how sound are you financially as well as professionally.

Share your Interests

Let people know your interests and what do you do during your leisure hours. If you are actively pursuing some hobby along with your present job or studies, it will be good to share on Tinder.

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Add Suitable Tagline

Adding a short and sweet tagline in your Tinder profile will let people know you clearly what you are, your aim in life, and what here on Tinder are you looking for. One liner description can show a lot about you and your personality type.

Use Online Templates or Seek Professional Advice

You can find few best templates for listing out your profile. When you have done this, ask your friend to evaluate it. You can also ask for professional advices so that you can have a well created profile for your Tinder account.

With these tinder profile tipsthere are quite high chances that your profile will get noticed with your preferences.. While including so many details about you, make sure you just don’t start boring people with a long history of you. Make an interesting profile on Tinder and see the RIGHT swipes coming on to.


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