No Matches On Tinder? Here’s Why

Feeling invisible, microscopic, and wiped out, not a single swipe today also. It is only you who notices your profile on Tinder, and here you thought you were damn handsome. What a big blow to your ego? Sad state of affairs it is, for sure but it does not need to be so. You can turn the tables sooner than you think. No matches on tinder can change to a boatload of swipes with just a few tweaks to your profile and hits to your keyboard.

Ready to re-invent yourself, yes it is still about Tinder, not real life so quit fretting and get down to work. Take a look at your profile and check it, undoubtedly you will find many if not all boxes checked, and there, when you know what needs your attention, just attend to it and let the complex Tinder algorithm to work for you.  Tinder has an algorithm that grades your profile internally. If Tinder finds you not so desirable, you are doomed. Double underline the word desirable, it is not about handsome or beautiful, beauty is skin deep. The brain and skin have to work together, to fuel up your profile, just skin, and no brain is shallow. Now that the most crucial fact is out of the way we can figure out the lesser ones.

No Matches on Tinder – The Reasons

Your Picture

Are you sure it is one of your best pictures, and you are smiling white and bright? No one likes dark faces, so cheer up and say cheese. Don’t stop yet take a few more in different profiles and don’t forget; it is all about you. So no group photos, no exes, no besties, unless you want someone swiping you to get the number of your bestie. Use photographs that showcase your everyday life. Not in your mansion or car but at your work table, at the patisserie, or doing your favorite thing, playing soccer or baseball, with your musical instrument or brushes and canvas. Don’t forget to be honest if you are a voracious reader pose with your favorite book instead of a cello. That will work better.

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‘About me’ section

Scrutinize it, imagine it to be someone else and see if the about me page in question intrigues you, be objective. You got your answer your about me section is probably the fiercest hurdle in your quest for swipes. No wonder you have no matches on Tinder. You have 500 characters to make or break it. Three things that hit the bull’s eye, humor, class, and uniqueness. Tell the world with a flair that you are a pleasant and cheerful person. See to it that you do so with a class, and days when ‘what’s in a name’ used to be in are gone. Be original and be sparky, how else do you expect the sparks to fly?


No overdose of cheese and movies without loads of popcorn and drinks are my thing” I look into people’s platters and make them eat well and stay healthy. If you are up to bland food, but a spicy company, swipe me. Ok food is not always bland either.

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An example of what you can show in that bite-size space of merely 500 characters. You told the seeker that you are a nutritionist, and you can cook, you showed your humorous side as well.

No Profile Info

Of course Tinder is not about a job, but still, bio  along with profile info is essential so don’t leave it blank. Do fill up at least your Job and university, they are there for a reason. Give your mind a little exercise and come up with an engaging definition of yourself. Blank profiles make you appear like a bot. Just photos won’t do the trick. Again skin and brain together make an enticing package. Girls especially do write something about yourself but not something too profound. Keep the deep thoughts for later on.

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Uninteresting  Opening  messages

While the above three sections apply to men and women both this is more applicable to men. Now that your profile and your pictures have changed your status, from no matches on tinder to multiple matches on Tinder you think you have arrived. Sorry to burst the bubble, you still have to figure out your opening message. Your opening message can be the deal breaker. You did not put up all that effort in your profile to just come far. Who likes a mere hey or hi? It is cold and unwelcoming. Come on wear your thinking hats and come up with a crashing opening sentence. It might look like an intimidating chore, but it is easier than you think. Scourge the internet and get inspired, please don’t copy. Plagiarism is always a turnoff. Don’t be sleazy either. Remember you want to meet people with whom you can connect and enjoy no one enjoys sleaziness. People, in general, are not shallow so don’t come across as one. Look at the girl’s profile not as in stare but observe the pictures, is there something unusual about her image? Maybe her smile, her job if she is wearing her id, the background in the image, or her pet, a golden retriever, or a bull mastiff, find out what it is? Begin your conversation here. It tells her you are attracted to her and not merely being polite by responding.

If still nothing works out consider trying OkCupid or Happn.

Now that you found a match, and the conversation is also coming along, it is time, to be honest, and straightforward. Tinder is not to fuel lies and dishonesty, and it will surely ruin your experience. A swipe in Tinder gives you Facebook access if there is a mutual exchange of swipes, wait before you send a friend request to the other. Don’t share everything about you yet, be guarded, the internet is wild so stay safe and cautious while you make the most of your Tinder match.


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