OkCupid Hacks -Here are the best 10

All of you must be aware that OkCupid is a great dating app and is being used profoundly by people to find their matches. But what happens is sometimes you keep talking to different people for days and end, and still don’t connect with them. Thus, we have bought to you some great hacks for OkCupid which would help you in getting to your goal much faster.

  1. Firstly, you should totally become an A List member. This is a genuine upgrade and if you want really good connections which will match your profile well, then you should not think before becoming an A List member. Some of the added advantages of this are that it will help you filter people by attractiveness. Then, you will also get to know if someone read your message or not, or if somebody liked you. Through these features, you can easily sort things out for yourself, and it would make your search better.
  2. You need to keep changing and adding things in your profile. If you do this, OkCupid will show your profile to more potential matches that specific day. New is always supposed to be great, and it helps showing that you are keeping yourself updated and are not dormant. It also helps making your page look new all the time.
  3. If you edit any field, OkCupid looks at the field that you have edited, and if it is different, then it knows how it should promote you, knowing that you are an active member. For example- I am interested in sports, is what I have written in my profile, and if I just change this to “I am interested in Sports, preferably Basketball”, then this is also a change that the app takes in. So no matter how small it is, it needs to be done every few days.
  4. You need to answer questions about yourself when you log in. It is thus important to choose the correct questions, so that you have nice and witty answers for them. This would help you find you match much easily. If you want to increase your visibility, then answer non-divisive questions, which means don’t accept all the answers, as the question would then count as irrelevant
  5. OkCupid also has this feature where it wants you to select how important your mate is for you. They have options like is the question mandatory, very important, somewhat important, a little important or irrelevant. Studies and research shows that it is more useful to click on the “mandatory option” than on any one of the others as the weightage and positive impact is much more than other options.
  6. You need to find out some common hooks for your profile. For this you would have to do a bit of a background research. Find out which are the most common and popular types of hooks, for eg writing, dancing etc. This will help you in finding common topics with people to talk about, as hooks are a great way to match people. This is a great way to connect and there is also an efficient way to best phrase these hooks.
  7. We would recommend you to use and login to the OkCupid app regularly. OkCupid has a mechanism which helps see all those who use the app frequently. Also, if you think that you would have to swipe every time you open the app, then this is not the case. You can just check out people’s profiles and the app will see you as an active user.
  8. It’s recommended that one needs to check out their competitors, in whatever field they might be in, and similarly on OkCupid, people need to check who they are fighting against among their own gender. So, try making a fake account and see the matches of your own gender. This way you would be able to see what people have written in their profiles which are making them stand out, and you could probably pick some ideas from it to enhance your profile too.
  9. If you visit someone’s profile, then they get an alert that you have been interested in viewing their profile, and it makes you look like a stalker. In order to not be that person, go for the option of invisible viewing where you can view easily too, and nobody get s notification.
  10. If you think your username is not up to the mark and is creating a void space for you in the dating area, then OkCupid gives you a feature to change your username as per the trend. It’s usually for the A- List user, but this is a really important feature. This is because you easily get bored of things that you once liked, and in this case it would be the same.

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Thus, these are the basic OkCupid hacks, and they need to be followed in order to get you good connections, and probably spark off your love story. So, get going right away!

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