Second Date: Do’s and Don’ts that you must know

The dating culture has been accepted all over the world and some people have even been lucky enough to get their life partners or their special one by dating as well. It is very difficult to spend the whole life alone and that is when dating can always be a great option to add some colors to one’s life. Not only does dating have a rejuvenating effect in a human’s mind and body but it also generates the feeling of being important to someone. Who does not want attention and care? Well, the answer is everybody and that is why dating can always be a good idea.

While some people have the luck of a smooth start and get their ideal match instantly, there are certain people who are long sufferers in the road of love. There are people who do not even understand what went wrong after the first few dates that the person they started thinking their future with just started ignoring them and then the blooming love story faded away. For all those people who have suffered enough after the first or the second date, here are a few tips on do’s and don’ts of any initial dates or precisely the second date.

There might be situations when the first date went pretty well and the person you went on a date with was much impressed and you also have the urge of meeting that person again. Meanwhile, there is a call from your date asking you out again and you instantly say YES! But what would you do next? Taking the right step is necessary because a wrong step taken or a wrong action initiated would instantly spoil the whole impression created on the previous date. So given below is the list of actions that should and should not be done on a second date.

The definitely “Do’s”

  • Gut feeling always does magic so one should always follow his or her instincts when going on a second date. There is an inner guide to let you know whether the opposite person is the right one or you smell danger. So one needs to analyze and practice following the instincts.
  • Learning about each other’s ambition and appreciating the same can be a really good initiative for reaching the next level. One would clearly have a picture of what their date-partner wants or they would have a clear picture of the ambitions that their partner wants to achieve in the near future. At the same time, the person can also open up his or her heart out and state the same. This would help a lot to understand and analyze the compatibility that both the daters can expect from each other.
  • Adventures are always fun. But an adventure for a date never means going Bungee jumping or skydiving. But trying out a rollercoaster ride or a bicycle ride in the park or some indoor climbing or hiking activities can really be an innovative idea to frame the second date. This idea would altogether give a different perspective of each other but at the same will help to understand how each of you reacts to the new situations.
  • Keeping the conversation going can be a major issue. The first date questions are always predictable. They include the questions about hobbies, work and sometimes family but asking the same questions again on the second date is a big no-no. Instead one can ask deeper questions. But the deeper question never means the darkest secrets but one can definitely leave hints behind or indicate and initiate the certain topic of discussions that would help to know each other more.

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The definitely “Don’ts”

  • Forgetting about the topics discussed on the first date is a big spoiler. It is never a mechanical process to memorize everything that was discussed on the first date. But remembering certain topics will definitely help to start off a conversation in the second one. Also the fact that for getting some important points discussed on the first date can be a major turn-off. So never forget important topics discussed on the first date when you are on your second date.
  • Making an intimate move quickly and then realizing that the other person was not ready for it is #awkward. Though it is exciting to understand that the other person is equally interested in you but being clingy and pouncing on the partner can be real spoilers.
  • Who wants to talk about his or her past when the present date is with them? -NO-ONE! So in a second date, one should never recall his or her past and sulk or poke the other to talk about the past relationships always. Coz it’s better to enjoy the present than recalling the bitter past.
  • Piling on the pressure of getting into a commitment and not offering to pay the bills can go terribly wrong. No actions should even be performed that would mean that they have to commit to you should be performed. And remember that offering to pay would definitely show you are generous and independent; unless you want to give some other message.

So follow the tips and have a wonderful second date. Don’t be afraid of taking your chances because life is too short to be single and alone unless you choose to be the same.


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