Tinder Dating Etiquettes: Do’s and Don’ts for Tinder

Tinder Dating App needs no introduction because it has already 50 million users registered on it as per the recent records. This mobile app is smart enough to monitor your geographical location and then displays profiles of the registered users around you. While there are a few who are using this dating app with a sole purpose of finding a true mate, there are many who are just having a good time here, nothing else. One can’t be sure that among the registered users, who’s the most eligible and seriously looking for a dating partner who could turn out to be Mr. or Ms. Right for them.

To make sure, you have a successful beginning to dating on Tinder, you must read this.

Do’s and Don’ts for Dating App Tinder

Tinder Do’s

  1. Stay away from your ex-lovers:  Whatever happened is a passé’. If you have decided to move on, you must ignore their profiles else they will keep on disturbing you with past memories.
  2. Be open-minded:  Exploit this dating app to delve with new people and mingle with them. You will not find a better platform than this after all it is taking into consideration your location.
  3. Have courage: You need to be quite strong here, because if you like somebody’s profile, you feel your wavelengths can match, go ahead and fix up a date. Don’t fear from rejections because this way you will never be able to give space to newer relationships in your life.

Tinder Don’ts

  1. Stop Visualizing: Love at first sight happens with many but don’t fly too high in the sky that when you fall, you don’t find the Earth under you. Be calm and practical, for you are looking for dating option first not courting.
  2. Don’t share personal details: This may not be safe for you especially if you are a female living alone because you don’t know the other person completely. Don’t put yourself at stake, security is very important.
  3. Avoid ghost tinder: If in a confused state, it is not a good idea to seek the help of your friends whether this person will be suitable for you or not. Use your brains.

While these were some important aspects for consideration, there is some etiquette that one must adhere to. The rules of etiquettes are changing, but it’s time for some important tinder dating tips for those who are looking for spouses and for those who are offering their profiles for potential partners.

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Tinder Dating Etiquette for All

  1. If you are under 18, but posing as 18 or above, you may land up in a problem.
  2. Be realistic. You just can’t upload any picture, it has to be yours and only yours and not even a group photo of you with others. The profiles searching for you may feel weird about the photo, if it was your ex- or is it your child or a best friend of yours, or anything. Don’t even upload obscene images of yours as it could spoil your profile, if you are really serious at it. Show the real you preferably in full.
  3. Have a clear image of you uploaded, with no sunglasses, no fake expressions, no selfies during gym workouts or bathroom selfies… not a good idea at all.
  4. Use pictures where you can portray your hobby like painting, playing a musical instrument, or doing some sports activities.
  5. Put up real words to describe yourself so that your profile gets noticed and people would be seriously interested in checking your profile regularly.
  6. There is the right time to tinder; tinder at midnight may make people swipe your profile LEFT, not RIGHT.
  7. Connect with potential viewers. If you receive a message, don’t delay in responding.
  8. Be yourself. Fake profiles may get initial RIGHT swipes, but are most likely to be ignored at a later stage.
  9. Did you found someone suitable to date with? Please take a break from tinder because searching for profiles may lower the morale of someone with whom your wavelengths have started matching. Give them some space.
  10. Updateyour profile. You must regularly update your profile to let people know more about you, your achievements, your likes and dislikes, and what do you think about dating (again I repeat… if you are really serious about it)

It must be clearly understood that these tinder dating tips and the App itself are not a sure shot way of landing you up in decent relationships. It is just a way of meeting new people based on your location and each other’s preferences. But who knows, you might find your special one. Follow the above protocols for you never know, when you both can swipe RIGHT  based on mutual understanding. If you still miss you consider Happn.


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