Tinder Match Disappeared : 17 Reasons Why it Happened

A tinder match happens when two users click like on each other’s profile. If on one hand Tinder App gives you the benefit to date someone, there are also some other features to let others keep away from you. This can happen in only two circumstances- first, when the tinder profiles don’t match and you or others swipe LEFT and second when tinder match happens, but due to some reason you are blocked by other Tinder.

When the latter thing happens, it is understood that your Tinder match has disappeared and you need to be more cautious next time.

Tinder Match Disappeared? What went wrong?

Certain reasons for your tinder getting disappeared can be:

  • You are not what profile revealed you (you were fake)
  • Your Tinder match swiped left by mistake on you
  • Your Tinder match deleted his/her account
  • Your Tinder match found you on Facebook and found something not so impressive
  • You started talking dirty too early in the process
  • Your tinder match lost interest because you were boring
  • Your tinder match didn’t like you at all
  • You and your tinder didn’t fit well with each other
  • Maybe the tinder match was not at all serious about dating thing (or vice-versa)
  • Maybe the other tinder’s interest and thought process didn’t matched with yours
  • Communication didn’t started at all from both sides
  • Under-communication or over-communication might have led to lose the interest of other tinder
  • Your tinder opening line was not that impressive
  • Your impatience at a particular stage spoiled everything
  • Your immaturity at a certain level led to the other tinder block you
  • You asked for his/her phone number too early.
  • Your match found someone more interesting than you while you were connected to each other

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If your tinder match disappeared due to any of reasons, you will not be able to chat with that match. And make sure you don’t start chasing the lost match on Facebook. It happens with people. You have a match with a girl on Tinder you find attractive enough, simultaneously you find her on Facebook as well. Even before you could actually start a conversation, she unmatched. May be she swiped left by mistake or may be she was just giving a shot to Tinder.

You felt attracted, so you thought you will drop her a message on Facebook. You paid the extra cents to get the message delivered to her inbox folder. She read it and guess what? She just blocks you . So stay away from chasing your matches on Facebook or Instagram. At least during very initial stages of your conversation. Facebook is a kind of more personal thing. So your match might not like you chasing her on Facebook. You would be better off with the do’s and don’ts of tinder.

So the suggestion is just forget about the lost Tinder match and move on. There are still many left.


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