Tinder Pick-up lines for girls to use on guys

Tinder not only a great place to find great people of the opposite gender, but also it helps people connect with a whole load of other people. One main area in which people lack in is – how should you start a conversation. Guys still take the first step to do so, but girls shy away from starting a conversation. They usually think that starting a conversation would come out as them being slightly desperate. But trust us, which is totally not the case. Research has shown that women have a much better chance of a decent conversation if they are the one who initiate it.

Thus, we have bought to you a list of pick-up lines for girls to use on guys, not seem desperate at all and get a great conversation starter. Guys love some quirk and flirtatious nature of girls and they are sure to respond back to you.

Some really catchy lines you can use

Firstly, in case you find the guy really good looking, then one of the amazing opening lines can be – “Can you please tell me what it feels like to look so amazing?” This is known to be one of the most used lines, and even though it may sound clichéd, but it does work. And specially if the guy is proud of his looks and body, this may help in boosted his ego a lot and lead to a definite conversation.

If you feel like being really cheesy and having some fun, then you can use lines like – “Have you ever heard of love at first swipe?” If the guy is also a fun loving person, who would laugh at such kind of lines with you then this could definitely work out.

Why should it anyway always be the guy who uses a pick-up lines? Girls should try them too and if it doesn’t work out, then you could just go and block the person on Tinder and who’s to know. Remember, if you don’t have the guts to do this, and are still waiting for a charming guy to come up and talk to you, then forget that you’ll ever go on a date. Don’t be scared to take the first step, it’s either a fall or a jump across a bridge.

Play it Right

One great pick-up line my friend used on this guy was – “I think I’ve seen you before, do you model?” and this totally flattered the guy. And then he started texting her daily, and eventually they started dating. So basically her pick-up line was a great conversation starter and see where it landed her up now.

If you play it just right, then you might just get your foot in the door. However, if you overdo it, then the other person is likely to shut you down really fast. It’s not easy getting the right match, and there are chances that you are going to totally screw it up, but you won’t know this if you don’t really try.

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What you need to do

What you can do is, think of your Tinder relationship like a jigsaw puzzle. Try to figure out how to put the pieces together. Should it be by using your charm, some flirtatious lines or should it just be by being normal in the first conversation. All these things will have to be figured out by you, yourself.

Of course, the start of the conversation needs to be really impactful, and you can totally use the help of google, or other witty sites to see what all lines can you start off with. If the guy has a great body, you can surely compliment and say “Wow, it sure looks like you work out!”

Thus, Tinder conversations can be really interesting and totally harmless since you don’t really know the other person enough for him to judge you. And if you play your cards right and come up with really innovative lines, then who knows what wonders this brilliant application can do for your life.

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