What attracts women the most, the SECRETS

You must have definitely heard of the phrase “It’s impossible to know what a women is thinking”, and that is totally because women are pretty unpredictable. Not only in general life, but especially when it comes to men. It becomes pretty hard to know what are the things that attract a women, and act according to it. And thus, to all the guys reading this, we have come up with a list of things that attract women, so read through this carefully and try applying it the next time you meet your crush.

Tips to attract women

  1. Facial hair is a major feature which attracts women. The results from a study claimed that women like men’s beard after ten days of growth, and this is when they can perceive men as most attractive as well as masculine.
  2. Masculine scent is a major point of attraction for women. Thus, if you wear a good cologne, chances of her trying to be around you would increase largely.

Behavior Patterns  

  1. Chivalry is the mark of a gentleman. Today this is not much practiced among the guys, but it has been proven that women have, and will always be attracted to good behavior. See: Stages Of A Rebound Relationship
  2. Good humor needs to be incorporated in your behavior as soon as possible, as if you make her laugh, then more than half of the job is done. Women prefer men who can make her smile rather than just good looking dull dudes.
  3. Impart a sense of confidence and strong personality in you. Try to take risks and impulsive decisions. This will make her respect you more as an individual, and she would eventually start falling for your charm.

Gift her Things

  1. Even if a girl tells you that she does not want anything, trust us, a huge part of her does. Girls love surprises, and they become really happy if you gift them things when she is least expecting it.
  2. Apart from that, chocolates is something that every girl loves, as it is scientifically proven to increase the serotonin levels in your brain. Thus, they crave for things like coffee and chocolate, especially before their menstrual cycle.

The Older the Better

You must have heard of the George Clooney effect. It’s true. Women prefer to fall for older looking men. They start focusing only on those men who have done well for themselves, are well read about things and have a strong financial backing in life.  Women prefer brain to looks and physique, and would prefer intellectually stimulating conversations than just goofing around the whole time. This tops when you try to find out what attracts women the most. Check: How to Unhook a woman’s bra with one hand

And some of the other traits

The most important one is that the guy needs to be a good listener, considering how much girls have to say now a days. Also, girls love guys who are really good with animals. An animal lover definitely scores more points than the rest of the crowd.

Then, the guy should be pretty independent and be able to take decisions for himself, rather than consulting his family or friends for everything. Play a bit hard to get so that the girls think that you are unavailable, and that makes them want you more. They then would try to do things to catch your attention.

Trust is obviously a major factor for women. Try to be her friend, get her to trust you and then see how soon she starts to get attracted to you. Read: Four stages of a woman’s interest in you

Other small things like knowing how to fix the taps, a flat tire or make good food is the key to attract the female population, as they certainly fall for such things.


The female as a gender is pretty difficult to understand and to evaluate, and thus you need to carefully understand and implement all the things before you start to make a move. They won’t show what’s on their mind, but their behavior would show that immediately.

So try to be the Alpha male, who is not only passionate, but exhibits a sense of charm and a great personality. Be well groomed at all times as women love that about men. Try being more social and more popular as even that is a major attraction point.

Lastly, just follow all the points that we have mentioned, and you would be good to go, as trust us, what attracts women the most is hard to know, but this is the closest that you can get.


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