When and How to Ask a Girl for Her Phone Number on Tinder

Well! It’s very tricky to ask a girl’s phone number on Tinder. You just can’t ask it like this on Tinder. If you do that either the girl might stop responding and or may be unmatch instantly or she may lose interest in you some day.

So here are a few tips about how can you go about asking a match for her phone number. Ask yourself few questions continuously every day to find out the right answers. A few such questions can be:

How many girls are you connected with on Tinder Dating App at the moment?

Firstly, you need to decide which girl on Tinder you are interested in with taking your conversation further. For instance, you are connected to 4 girls at present, many things match, but who is the ideal among them all. You should not hitting on every one of them.

How well do you know the girl in question?

Okay, since you have made up your mind to connect with a girl, ask yourself how much you do know about her. As one of the most important tinder dating tips, it is highly recommended to know every possible detail about the girl you are interested in.

Are you going along well with each other on Tinder?

You are connected with this girl for a couple of weeks now, but do you have really developed a bond between each other. Is she always good? Does she give you the same importance that she is getting from you?

Is she just an attention grabber?

Did you ever tested the waters to learn if she just likes the attention of every Tinder guy or does she really want to grab your attention towards her? If she is serious, she may be most interested in you.

 Did she ever show any signs of meeting you?

It’s been more than a couple of weeks now, has she shown any signs that she is interested in going beyond Tinder? This could have been reflected in the messages you two exchange or you can ask her indirectly in order to avoid rejection.

 Is she equally serious as you are?

At this level, you should now start getting hints from her or something that shows that she gives you some importance. Obviously Tinder is not really about serious relationships but getting attention means somebody’s interested :). And you can take a step ahead with some Tinder dating tips.

Will she prefer sharing her contact number with you?

After weeks of communication, you may feel that everything is going in a positive direction. May be this is the time when you can expect yourself to ask a girl’s phone number on Tinder, but there must be a proper way to do so. You just can’t come online and ask her number someday.

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How to put forward your request for her phone number on Tinder?

Now this one is important. You should start forming a base to know if she would, in general, be interested to take a step further if somebody is interested in her. Check her opinion someway and then formally and respectfully request her number in such a way that she just can’t say NO.

Here’s an interesting one : We all know Tinder chat sucks big time. It’s not quite friendly for chatting. So while in a discussion raise this topic that you Tinder chat application is not very cool. It behaves a bit weird. Any chance we can take our discussion to whatsapp if you don’t mind? It would be more convenient.

What if she resists?

If she resists, respect her feelings. Either she will not be interested in sharing her number or she may be checking you if you are a real gentleman asking for her number or just looking for a time pass.

 Are you still connected with her (after she showed her resistance)?

After all this, if she is still in touch with you like before, may be you can request her number once again when she’s in a good mood. It is because she had been checking you before, but this time she will be open to give her phone number.

Although there are no set rules to date on Tinder and to ask a girl’s phone number on Tinder, but there are some protocols to be followed. So just follow the rules and keep trying. You never know when you can take the conversation out of Tinder.


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