Why do Men leave and come back

One of the very important fact that one needs to know is that if your guy starts behaving distant to you, then this may not always be only about you. You need to understand that it can be something to do at work or probably some family issues that he has, or probably it may be some really personal thing that he may not be comfortable in sharing. So, it may seem like he’s not paying enough attention to you, but he is actually trying to deal with it. So what we would recommend here is that the best thing to do at this point would be to just play it cool with him, and let him come back on his own terms.

It’s important but not to chase him away at this time by calling him up continuously or texting him every minute. If you respond in the right way, it actually becomes reassuring for the guy and he comes back to you being refreshed and happy.

Why do men leave and come back is usually because first, they need to clear their head and figure out what they want from the relationship. He tries to take a step back from the relationship in order to understand what is bothering him. Then he realizes that he is actually missing that person and it’ll be hard to find someone like that again, so he decides to eventually go back again.

We have jotted down some major reasons as to why guys leave and eventually decide to come back.

  1. He is afraid of starting all over again

It may seem like he’s moving on, but as soon as they start getting along with another girl, talking to her, taking her to dates, charming her and actually getting along with her becomes really difficult. It actually becomes a hassle getting to know someone right from square one. Thus, he feels that he would need to go back to his comfort zone rather than starting all over again.

  1. It’s hard to find someone as good in bed

What’s most important for guys in a relationship is that they need to have someone who is really good in bed. If your chemistry in bed is really amazing, then he would have a hard time moving on because he would be compelled to compare everything if he decides to get a new person in his life. Thus, this is one of the major parameters that he doesn’t want to give up.

  1. Social media stalking

Social media is a great contributor in getting old flames back. What happens is that if the girl starts posting great pictures of herself and her enjoying life with her friends, then the guy gets the feeling that maybe she’s moving on. And then he gets tempted to try and get her back, and eventually they get back together.

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  1. Alterations in your current behavior

What happens is now he tries to alter all the bad behavior that he must have showed throughout his journey with his first partner. And then uses all this when he sets out to his next relationship. But even if he makes a bunch of mistakes with his past partner, and feels that the level of connection there is not here, then he may surely return for a second round with you.

  1. Grass is not always greener on the other side

Guys usually think that after a break up, he could easily go out with his boys, hit on girls and now party without the guilt of having a girlfriend weighing him down. But soon, all the glitz and glamour starts to fade away, and he will realize that he is starting to miss having you in his life, and all the things that come along when you are in a relationship. And so he actually decides that going back is what I want.

So, the most important thing that you need to remember about why do men leave and come back is that they require their space, and it’s not always about you. But this remains for certain that they eventually miss all the little things that you shared, and the gaping hole in their life starts getting bigger day by day.

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And the reason that they will come back relies on how you react to situations. They will try their best to seem fine, and getting into another relationship is just a way of hiding their feeling. In reality, boys take much more time than girls to move on, so if you see him with some other girl, don’t really worry because at the max, it might just be a temporary rebound. If the basis of your relationship was strong enough, then he would surely come back.

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